You should try hydroponic gardening.

8 Good reasons you should try hydroponic gardening. By Joanne Washburn Hydroponics is a form of soil-less gardening or farming that makes economical use of space and resources. In the traditional farming system, plants depend on the soil for the nutrients they need. In contrast, hydroponics provides all of those Read more

Tips for creating a beautiful garden.

12 Budget-friendly tips for creating a beautiful garden. By: Divina Ramirez (Natural News) Stunning gardens are a treat for the senses. Fragrant flowers, colorful fences and weed-free beds help create an inviting garden for humans, birds and insects alike. Beginner gardeners might shrink at the idea of creating a garden Read more

10 Tips for growing cherry tomatoes,

10 Tips for growing cherry tomatoes, a garden staple. By Joanne Washburn There’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh-from-the-vine cherry tomatoes. Healthy, tangy and thirst-quenching, these bright little tomatoes are a must-have in any home garden. Luckily, cherry tomatoes are easy and simple to care for, even if started from seeds. Read more