You can Learn from the Rich.

Prepping tips: What you can learn from the rich on preparing for SHTF events By: Divina Ramirez (Natural News) Disaster and emergency preparedness have increased in popularity recently. No longer are you considered odd for stocking up on food, water and other essentials, especially if you live in a region where disasters Read more

How to deal with non-prepper.

Intermediate prepping: How to deal with non-prepper neighbors when SHTF. By Arsenio Toledo (Article republished from Homesteading.News). If you properly execute your preps when SHTF, you shouldn’t run into too many complications. That is unless you have neighbors who aren’t preppers. It’s highly likely that you’re neighbors aren’t preppers because a high percentage Read more

A long-term power outage.

Prepping tips: How to survive a long-term power outage. By Zoey Sky Ideally, your neighborhood shouldn’t have any power outages. If it does, they should only last for a couple of hours or one day. But preppers know that things often go wrong when you least expect them to and Read more

Food storage: Stockpile before disaster.

Food storage tips: Securing your stockpile before and after disaster strikes. By Virgilio Marin Stockpiling food supplies is only half the battle. You might have all the food in the world, but without proper food storage, you’re risking your supplies getting spoiled or damaged in the event of a disaster. Secure your Read more

8 Must-have foods for your stockpile.

8 Must-have foods for your survival stockpile By Divina Ramirez An emergency food stockpile can significantly increase your chances of survival if SHTF. Ideally, it should have nutritious foods that fuel your body so you can easily carry out survival tasks or handle emergencies. You should also stockpile shelf-stable foods so you Read more