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Tuesday August 3rd’s Edition
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Giving Unvaxed “The Stick” Literally— German Cops Beat Elderly Woman, Robocops Coming.

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2:00 Bayer (current owner of Monsanto) takes “Round-Up” (Glyphosate) off the consumer market. Product liability for a giant corporation?

8:51 RoboHounds & RoboCops. The dystopian future if we don’t stop it — SOON

29:47 Autonomous, hunter-killer robots have already been deployed in battle — and not even by a country with state-of-the-art military weapons. The Pentagon brags about predicting what their opponent will do days before it happens

35:35 Uni-Party Totalitarianism. Biden was behind Reagan’s Drug War legislation and Trump (the “anti-globalist”) was the key player in putting the globalist GreatReset into play

38:12 The “end of commuting”, extra fees/tolls to enter cities, and autonomous Indy Cars with a $1.5M winner’s purse

55:08 China put an abrupt HALT to Bitcoin mining to push their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Cash). One miner, who accounted for about 10% of global mining, tells his story. Can it happen here?

1:03:56 “Infrastructure” Bill? There’s cryptocurrency tracking, subsidies and vaping rules for Amtrak, government 5G, among other things

1:28:22 Listener’s letters: Respiratory therapist talks about ventilators, why were vaccines nearly 100% effective when only the trial participants were getting them but now that MILLIONS have taken them they’re not, UK data shows for vaxed over 50, figures show that 80% who were hospitalized or died had that happen after the 2nd shot

1:53:15 Australia’s “ZERO Covid” Dystopia, German Cops Become Jack-Booted Thugs. Literal Nazis, 4 cops hold elderly woman down while another punches her on the ground — because she PEACEFULLY protested vaccine passports/mandates. It’s coming. It’s time to revolt.

2:18:30 Listeners’ letters. My video archives on Telegram, the masks and the occult, vaccine corporate coercion and those who will refuse to bow the knee

2:33:08 Many different establishment politicians and mouthpieces are repeatedly telling us they’re ready to go to war with the unvaxxed

2:40:22 Gonzo Goes Trans: Disney Programming Your Child for LGBT. “Entertainment” and government schools have a pedophile agenda to groom your kids

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