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Metaverse — World Elites are Preparing to Imprison YOU In.

Friday August 20th’s Edition [3:01:30]

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18:26 It was predictable that the internet would be a dystopian Big Brother.  In fact, this guy predicted 35 yrs ago that no one would care if data were collected by a lot of companies for apparently innocent reasons

26:06 Metaverse VR is the World Elites are Preparing for YOU. No work, no travel, no meat, a micro-apartment.  How do they plan on keeping you from rebelling?  A little bread and a lot of circus via Virtual Reality escapism.  Facebook, Microsoft, Wall Street, Silicon Valley are all working together as one to make the unreal your reality.

44:13 Hackers steal over $611 MILLION in crypto

49:15 Big court win in 5G health issues as even more “Havana Syndrome” cases appear.

59:36 UPDATE: HIIDE biometric devices left behind by US military can have 1,000’s of people’s data on them, available w/o having to access central database and it gets worse…

1:02:43  As schools are closed, requiring masks & jabs — it’s time to rethink the institutions; grades were a problem, so Oregon is abandoning “proficiency” in reading, writing, math altogether and focusing on what they consider to be “essential” instead

1:21:26    Former homosexuals are angry about Netflix “documentary” attacking homosexual therapy and Christian conversion — “Pray Away”

1:25:36 Listener letters. Pastors who support themselves with other jobs and kept churches going throughout the entire lockdown.  Things are getting tougher now.

1:35:45 Poland may lose billions in EU carrots/sticks but will not push LGBT agenda on children

1:40:13 thought this was a parody, but unfortunately, it’s real. Here’s an example of the kind of sex-obsessed person that could be teaching your child

1:46:12  Afghanistan: Christians & Americans LAST Concern of US Military (if they even get out). Meanwhile, Biden says no Americans will be left behind yet they don’t know how many they’ve flown out, how many remain and they’ve said they won’t go out and help them get to the airport.  And some Americans have been charged as much as $2,000 to return.  What group has been totally abandoned? Afghan Christians.

1:59:00   Trump Mocks Booster as “Money Making Operation”. What about Operation Warp Speed and $20+ BILLION he gave these same “greedy” companies? What about the 2 shots that they’ve made $20-$30 BILLION EACH? Biden, CDC, FDA do a reversal on boosters but the US Surgeon General wasn’t informed apparently.

2:27:24   Unvaccinated Nurses Forced Out, Causing “Breaking Point” at Hospitals. Firsthand reports of why hospitals are “over capacity” — nurses who have worked for the past 18 months as “heroes”, now kicked to the curb because they do not consent to taking an experimental injection.

2:16:46   Listeners’ letters.  A letter from Cali-Ban, a father’s suicide from lockdown

2:39:09 This is not about controlling a virus to “zero” cases.  It’s about making sure your life is “zero”.  Technocrats are cheered and the more draconian the measure, the more the press fawns over it.

2:46:11  Vax or Die.  Organ transplants denied unless you take the jab

2:53:02   Lambda? Delta? Remember when it was only Greek fraternities? But now the graduates of Animal House are running the country and the colleges as novel punishments are being dished out by colleges to unvaxed students.

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