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Monday July 12th’s Edition
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Biden Admits Govt Censorship, DACA Confusion Show Chaos of Post-Constitution Govt.


3:25 “Shark attack” must be changed say shark advocates. It’s NOT satire, this is the way they manipulate language and news

10:39 Biden Administration pretends they’ve “restored internet” to over a million Cubans. Their miracle tech is a joke

12:38 Australian travel restrictions are keeping over 34,000 Australians from returning home but celebrities travel in and out freely — even those minor ones in “Celebrity Big Brother”

22:13 California “social justice math framework”. Schools are NOT failing, they are working according to plan

28:51 FBI Cover-Ups: Olympic Coach Pedophile & TWA Flight 800’s 25th Anniversary — an agency with a long tradition

45:35 Kavanaugh & Barrett abandon principle and join Roberts; is the new “consensus” of the Supreme Court manufactured to stop court packing? Remember FDR and “Switch in Time Saves Nine”?

1:23:22 The Biden Administration is the “South African Variant” — of Marxism. Corruption, globalism fueled by a racist narrative

1:50:42 It’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and “THEY” are killing people said Biden of Facebook. But the narrative has already begun that it is the UNVACCINATED that are KILLING people. They’re started describing us as vermin carrying disease

2:08:35 Time to Rethink the First Amendment — Biden admin openly admits they are telling corporations to censor speech in the digital public square. That is govt censorship. But we need to go further and understand our founding principles don’t just prohibit government censorship — they REQUIRE government to PROTECT our free speech in the public square.

2:37:11 Listener letters and prayer requests

2:44:00 Corona rule: playing recorded music is banned on one Greek island because, you know, “science” — and other draconian nonsense as people worldwide begin to push back

2:59:37 Today is “Freedom Day” in the UK. What does “freedom” redefined look like and why did BoJo relax a little?


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