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Monday June 14th’s Edition

• The pandemic lockdown demands were always the same as climate alarmism agenda. Now the globalists (G7) are back to plan A — climate — to lock in their gains and implement UN2030 Agenda & GreatReset.
• Clinton enemy commits “suicide” as BBC portrays climate “scientist” frauds exposed by ClimateGate as “victims” of hackers.
• UK Parliament Members call on Biden to release Assange. Assange’s imprisonment tells us where Biden & Trump stand on free speech, free press — and who their masters are.
• Inflation is taking off like it did 2008 before Great Recession. How can gold, bitcoin, ethereum be used as a hedge and what are the risks?
• Vaccine deaths reported to CDC’s VAERS jump to 6,000. Compare government and media reaction to 300+ deaths from Boeing 737 MAX to BigPharma VAX with 6,000 deaths in the same period of time.

On this day 457 of Ameritca helled hostage.

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Friday June 11th Edition [15:49]  channel image   General Shepherd

• DARPA & Johns Hopkins’ Self-Propagating Vaccines — NO Consent.
• Everyone MUST be vaccinated as establishment obsesses over ways to vaccinate without consent — or knowledge.
• GreatReset — from 19th Indian Reservations genocide and control to McDonald’s AI/Robotics and technocrats’ UBI.
• The OTHER vaccine lottery — where you get disabled for life and spend MILLIONS on medical care without compensation.
• The PANDEMIC “Vaccine Court” is even WORSE than the other vaccine court.
• Diary of a STASI Health Inspector’s Visits to Church.
• Hong Kong unable to commemorate Tiananmen Square Massacre — medical dictatorship lockdown accomplished what traditional communist crackdown could not.

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June 4th – Show

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