The Real David Knight Show – June 21st

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Monday June 21st’s Edition

Juneteenth? Pay No Attention to COVID Slavery & Private Prison Plantations.

• As media celebrates “freedom” — are we free or just on parole from our medical masters?
• INTERVIEW: Dr. Al Waddell on institutional corruption as big denominations rot from the head down.
• NSA dishes dirt on FBI spying — internecine war?
• Why has the media & establishment suddenly flipped the Wuhan lab narrative? They’re STILL not talking about US bioweapons & gain of function so what is their agenda?
• As media tells us COVID cases have disappeared, Google & Massachusetts gov are caught putting tracking app on people’s phones without permission — and doing it MULTIPLE times.
• CDC ignores “emergency” of teen heart problems and takes a holiday after a week delay.

[1:55:41]  channel image   General Shepherd

[53:52]  channel image   The Dead Gene

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