The Real David Knight Show – June 23rd

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On this day 466 of Ameritca helled hostage.
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Wednesday June 23rd’s Edition

• Pregnant Male Rats & the Trans-Olympics.

• DANGEROUS PRECEDENT: Biden administration begins seizing news websites in Middle East, something NEVER done by ANY previous administration.
• China claims it has made a male rat pregnant.
• Olympics committee allows biological men to compete — a look back at the OTHER “Battle of the Sexes” in tennis in the 1970s.
• Israel, first in Pfizer vaccines, admits in mainstream media a 2,400% increase in a rare autoimmune disease that causes severe blood clotting in major organs.
• Twitter purges web site for reporting truth about a vaccine death (leaving the original tweet from relatives up).

[1:51:54]  channel image   General Shepherd

[53:44]  channel image  The Dead Gene

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