The Real David Knight Show – June 7th

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It’s day 450 of Ameritca helled hostage.
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• David Analysis for Monday May 31st, 2021.
• Ransomware is NOT Like 9/11, Except for How It Will Be Used.

• An inside look at the insider “victims” who LOVE ransomware and use it for corporate profits. But how will government use it?
• Calif county cuts COVID death toll by 25%, admitting the most obvious inflation aspects.
• Peggy Noonan, WSJ, pushed lockdown at beginning with an article, “Don’t Panic is Rotten Advice”, now wants to inoculate you criticizing govt conspiracy theories — “What Drives Conspiracism”.
• Christian persecution escalates in Canada and Australia.
• rump called it HARPA, Biden calls it ARPA-H — same agenda from both of them to justify a digital dictatorship using health.
• Peter Daszak, the Professor Moriarty of pandemic conspiracy, will now investigate himself.

Watch: Video [1:52:25] channel image General Shepherd

[53:53] channel image The Dead Gene

[1:52:25] channel image The Dead Gene

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